6th September 2020

Migraine Awareness Week 2020

Working with the Civil Service to raise awareness of migraine amongst its workforce

Migraine can affect our lives in many ways, particularly our working lives. This has been exacerbated for many people recently by the increased use of screens, with many people now working from home, and changes to working patterns as well as increased levels of stress. That’s why we are focusing on managing migraine in the workplace for this year’s Migraine Awareness Week (6-12 September) which starts today.

Partnering with the Civil Service

We are teaming up with the Civil Service for Migraine Awareness Week for a second year to provide more support for the thousands of civil servants working with migraine across the UK. Our partnership aims to raise awareness and increase understanding among the Civil Service workforce of what migraine is and how it can be managed at work. It will involve workshops on managing migraine at work, a digital communications campaign, and the development of a new toolkit that gives information and guidance on managing migraine in the Civil Service.

We are working with HR teams, mental health advocates and disability champions from across the different departments to develop their understanding of migraine and how it can impact on a person at work. It will highlight the positive role that they can have in helping to reduce the impact of migraine on employee’s working lives. A key target of the campaign is people with migraine, to let them know that the Civil Service wants to help them manage their condition in their working life, and to encourage them to seek that help.

“In our Year of Inclusion, we continue to work tirelessly to nurture an inclusive culture where everyone feels they belong. I am delighted that we've continued our relationship between the Civil Service and The Migraine Trust, as we continue to build a positive culture towards migraines within the Civil Service.” Ben Merrick, Civil Service Deputy Disability Champion and Director of Overseas Territories at the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

Managing migraine in your workplace

We support people with migraine and organisations in managing migraine in the workplace through our Advocacy Service. You can reach it via our Contact Form or by calling our helpline (0203 9510 150) on Tuesdays and Thursdays (10am-4pm).

We also have a range of workplace resources. Our Migraine: Help at Work toolkit has information about migraine in the workplace, your rights and guidance to help you if difficulties arise. We also have information about managing migraine if you work from home.