6th April 2016

Migraine World Summit

Learn from leading migraine experts, doctors and specialists at free online event from 15-20 April 2016

Migraine World Summit


In a world first migraine sufferers now have an opportunity to get free access to international migraine experts at the Migraine World Summit.

Over 30 doctors, professors and specialists, have gathered from world leading institutions such as Harvard Medical School, the Mayo Clinic, Stanford Medical, the Cleveland Clinic and the International Headache Society to help answer some of the most difficult questions for patients in desperate need of relief.

When interviewed to take part in the Migraine World Summit our Chief Executive, Wendy Thomas stated:

"Migraines can be devastating to someone’s quality of life. It can affect not only their physical well being, but their relationships, family life and, in severe cases, their ability to keep a job and have a career. There is still a stigma associated with migraine. Many people feel guilty or ashamed to admit they have migraine. Migraines can also lead to depression and anxiety as many struggle with the isolation, lack of progress and lose hope." Wendy Thomas

The Migraine World Summit is a free online event for migraine sufferers from 15-20 April 2016. To find out more about the Summit and to register for your free place please click here.

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