8th February 2016

New toolkit launched to improve awareness of the risks of valproate and pregnancy

MHRA toolkit aims to ensure female patients are better informed

Valproate patient guideThe Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has today launched a new toolkit to ensure female patients are better informed about the risks of taking valproate medicines during pregnancy.

The ‘Valproate guide for patients‘ is accessible via the Gov.uk website.

Valproate (Epilim, Depakote and other generic brands) is a treatment for epilepsy and bipolar disorder and can sometimes be prescribed for migraine. It is prescribed to thousands of women, but is associated with a risk of birth defects and developmental disorders in children born to women who take valproate during pregnancy.

The MHRA recommend that no woman should stop taking valproate without first discussing it with their doctor. Read their press release >

"It is unlikely that any woman of childbearing age will have been prescribed valproate for migraine but if they have, then they should check their contraception with a healthcare professional." Wendy Thomas, chief executive of The Migraine Trust

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