Patricia’s story

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I was 26 years old when my migraine started, not that I knew that was what it was at the time.

I was walking round to my youngest son’s school open evening and the street appeared to be moving about in front of me and I begun to feel nauseous. I was nearer the school than home so I carried on and luckily the first person I saw on arrival was the school nurse. She took one look at me and recognised I had a problem and kindly escorted me to the rest room where I vomited. By now I had pain down the left side of my head and face and could not think clearly and get my words out sensibly. She telephoned for my husband who came to collect me with the children and explained that she thought I had migraine, but that I should see a doctor.

My GP confirmed I had migraine, but did not send me for tests or to a neurologist and just said take paracetamol which I found made them worse. I had the migraines each month around the time of my menstruation for three days. My husband was unsympathetic of my headaches and felt I made a fuss over nothing and we separated and later divorced.

Once I had gone through the menopause, which I had hoped would put an end to them, things changed. I started getting migraines each week, vomiting until I passed out or shaking uncontrollably (almost like a fit). I was taken in to hospital dehydrated twice and checked for fitting. Fortunately I had moved to a new house and I am now happily married, also with a new GP and he is excellent.

I was sent to a neurologist and had a scan to make sure there was nothing nasty going on. He has tried various preventives first to try to stop the vomiting and topiramate seems to work for me, however it does not stop my headaches. He continued with various things until zolmitriptan did it for me, what a relief! The only problem I can see is I am approaching 70 years of age and it says on the packet not suitable for those over 70!! What then?

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