30th January 2019

Dawn Oldale completes Zumbathon challenge

Undertook challenge to help those whose lives are affected by migraine

Dawn and Zoe during the Zumbathon

Dawn Oldale, from Peterborough, has undertaken a six hour Zumbathon in order to help people struggling with migraine.

Dawn did the the Zumbathon on Saturday, 26 January, in support of The Migraine Trust because she personally knows the serious impact that migraine has on people’s lives.

Dawn gets hemiplegic migraine which involves a temporary weakness on one side of her body as part of her migraine attack, in addition to head pain. This involves her face, arm and leg, and is accompanied by numbness and pins and needles. It is a frightening condition as these symptoms are similar to those of a stroke.

It has had a significant impact on her life, and unfortunately her daughter Molly, who is only five years old, has begun to experience severe migraine too.

Explaining why she is raising funds for The Migraine Trust, she said:

“I’m raising funds for The Migraine Trust as it’s very close to my heart, with myself and my daughter going through this often.

“I want to help others as there’s not a day that goes by when I’m not hoping that neither I nor my daughter have a bad hemiplegic attack.

Dawn and her daughter Molly

“I do spinning four times a week at Freedom Leisure in March, and all my spinning instructors are amazing, always making sure I’m ok and that there is a fan near me. Knowing that they are there for me just in case I have an attack reassures me. I can enjoy a class now without the worry of what to do if I have an attack during it.”

Thanking Dawn for her support, Wendy Thomas, Chief Executive of The Migraine Trust, said:

“We are so grateful to Dawn for undertaking a Zumbathon to help those affected by migraine.

“As she herself knows, migraine is not only excruciatingly painful, it has a huge impact on the lives of people who get it.

“Dawn is helping to reduce the misery of migraine by completing this Zumbathon. We are in awe of her for doing this challenge.”

Dawn’s daughter Molly did some Zumba dancing alongside her mum to support her, as did Dawn’s friend Zoe Houldsworth, and her 13 year old niece Marley.

If you would like to support Dawn, you can donate here.