Policy & Campaigns

We campaign to improve health care, promote understanding and ensure a good quality of life for migraine sufferers in the UK. We know that by working with patients, health professionals, government departments, the NHS, and key influencers in the health and research fields we can reduce the burden of migraine together. This is why we position ourselves at the forefront of policy development and campaigning on the issues affecting people with migraine.

Migraine research

Migraine research is vastly under-prioritised and under-resourced. A significant increase in funding is required to address the burden of migraine

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Education of health professionals

Education and awareness of migraine must be improved to ensure that migraine is identified, diagnosed and treated properly

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Diagnosis and treatment

Despite the prevalence of migraine, diagnosis and treatment is poor with only 50% of sufferers receiving a diagnosis

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Mismanagement and misconceptions of migraine place an avoidable burden on employees, employers and the economy

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Children and young people with migraine should not be put at a disadvantage at school and in obtaining their education

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Work in Parliament

Our work with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Primary Headache Disorders

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