Migraine research

Migraine research is vastly under-prioritised and under-resourced. A significant increase in funding is required to address the burden of migraine

The issue

Research into the cause of migraine, and treatments that could improve the quality of lives of the millions of people with migraine, is vastly under-prioritised and under-resourced.  A significant increase in allocated funding is required to before the burden of migraine can be reduced.

Medical research lab samplesMigraine is the least publicly funded of all neurological illnesses relative to its economic impact (Shapiro & Goadsby, Cephalalgia, September 2007).  Historically the UK was at the forefront of research into migraine.  However this has waivered and the UK is failing to hold onto its’ position, falling behind Europe and America. The diminishing research base means that academics and clinicians are deterred from this area of health, drastically impacting on the quality and provision of care and treatments available to patients.

Sustained government funding for research into migraine is essential to further developments in understanding and treating this debilitating condition.

What needs to happen?

Increased research into migraine will improve the quality of life of millions of people in the UK, enabling them to live without the pain that migraine brings and reducing the financial burden on health and social care, and the economy.

  • The government must commit to long term stable funding for research into migraine and disabling headache.
  • Migraine must be recognised as a serious public health concern and adequate funding allocated to research accordingly.
  • Researchers, clinicians and academic institutions need to be provided with adequate resources to undertake migraine research projects.
  • Patients must have better access to clinical trials/research studies to ensure they are at the centre of the research on the condition.

Our work

We work with researchers, health professionals, universities, parliamentarians, patient organisations and the AMRC to campaign for and influence change to the way that research into migraine is funded in the UK.