19th March 2018

Practical help for living with migraine

New updated and improved toolkits

Our Advocacy Service receives many requests for information about how to manage migraine in the workplace, in further and higher education and in school, and also about how to claim welfare benefits.

We’re pleased to launch our new updated and improved toolkits to help with practical information and guidance.

The resources are:

Help at work

The Help at work toolkit is designed to empower people living with migraine to manage their condition in the workplace and retain employment where possible.

Migraine Trust advocacy toolkit Help at work

Help in further and higher education

Providing information and guidance for people in further education and at university to minimise the impact of migraine attacks as well as help readers to achieve their academic ambition.

Migraine Trust advocacy toolkit higher education_cover

Help in school

This toolkit highlights the rights of children dealing with frequent migraine attacks in school. It is also a guide for parents, carers and children on how to manage migraine in school and how to access support for a child whose education is impacted by migraine.

Migraine Trust advocacy toolkit school cover

Help with welfare benefit rights

Provides general information for people living with migraine wishing to know more about accessing welfare benefits.

Migraine Trust Advocacy Toolkit welfare cover