15th October 2018

Rebecca Chilcott completes the Cardiff Half Marathon

Runs to raise awareness of vestibular migraine and funds for research

Rebecca Chilcott

A massive congratulations to Rebecca Chilcott for completing the Cardiff Half Marathon and raising over one thousand pounds for us.

Rebecca has had migraine since the age of 15. Then, at the age of 29, it developed from episodic migraine with aura into vestibular migraine. She wanted to run to raise funds for research into the condition. She also wanted to raise awareness of vestibular migraine.

As she said: “I wanted to run for The Migraine Trust because it is a research driven charity. Research is needed to further identify the exact pathophysiology of migraine and help develop new more effective treatments for all types of migraine including vestibular migraine.”

She completed the run in a fantastic two hours and 18 minutes, and overcame the nausea which she experienced at the ten mile mark.

Explaining the importance of completing the run, Rebecca said; “I am so proud to have completed the Cardiff Half Marathon. For many years I was a spectator due to chronic vestibular migraine symptoms. I hope the money I have raised for The Migraine Trust will help other sufferers find relief in the future.”

Well done Rebecca, everyone at The Migraine Trust is so grateful for your determination to help reduce the burden of migraine.

You can read more about Rebecca and her experience of vestibular migraine in the latest edition of Migraine News.