Richard's story


I’ve suffered with migraines from a very young age and remember having them sitting on the school bus and getting some relief from putting my forehead against the cold window.

Not eating regular meals and not getting enough sleep are triggers for me as is stress but so is getting too excited about things. You can practically guarantee that any event or special occasion that I look forward to, even a trip to catch up with family or family visiting, will lead to some degree of migraine.

My GP prescribed me zolmitriptan a few years ago, which has helped tremendously. I still have to get to bed and try to sleep in a silent room where even the smallest sound or little bit of light is so painful.

A number of years ago I ended up in the emergency department with slurred speech and weakness in my left arm after collapsing in a shop. The doctors treated me as if I had taken some illicit drugs, which really upset me, but visiting the GP soon after was told it was probably a silent migraine as I had no headache and recovered fine.

Living with migraine can be so debilitating and yet many of my friends I don’t think realise how it affects me. My husband is used to it and is extremely understanding and thinks nothing of coming home to find me in bed.

I work full time as a team manager in the NHS and luckily have found ways to cope with the migraines in work and only once have I had to finish early due to it. I somehow can now hold them at bay until I get in the car on the way home!

Keeping fit and eating healthily I’ve found help but also not trying to do too much!

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