Sharron's story


I was diagnosed with basilar migraines [now known as migraine with brainstem aura] about eight years ago, aged 37.

I was driving to work and my tongue felt like it was huge. I even checked it in the mirror. My head seemed to have pressure inside so I opened the window. After this my vision was hindered and it was like someone had put a dark voile panel over my face. I was in the fast lane of the motorway and it all happened so quickly. My hands started to gets pins and needles and I was scared.

I don’t know how but I managed to pull over to the hard shoulder. When I got out of the car I collapsed as my legs had gone numb also. I rang an ambulance and was taken to hospital. After about half an hour my whole left side went numb. There was like a line down the middle of my face and the left side of my face was numb and I couldn’t move my arm or leg. They thought I’d had a stroke and was taken for a CT scan. This came back clear and I was simply sent home and told I would be OK in a few days! I wasn’t.

I was worried so saw a neurologist privately. As soon as I explained my symptoms he diagnosed basilar migraine. He said it was rare and that I probably would only have a few episodes. This one lasted a month. No headache, just numbness and I struggled to walk.

Four months later it happened again. Oddly enough, I was driving the same stretch of motorway. I recognised the symptoms so remained calm and pulled in. I had to be collected but this time the symptoms only lasted a week – no headache, just numbness and struggling to walk. Four months later it happened again, however, I had three weeks of numbness and severe headaches lasting around an hour, going away, then coming back. I saw my neurologist again who said I would probably live with this for the rest of my life. I was devastated.

Over the years I have tried various medications. I am currently on topiramate and have just also been put on candesartan. I have also been having Botox injections but I don’t find much relief with this. I also take various pain relief daily. I have a headache every single day at varying severities. Most of the time I can manage my day to day life OK but sometimes I have to just go to bed as the pain and sickness is too much to bear.

I hope that, one day, something will be found to help. I had only ever had one migraine at age 19 prior to this.

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