Strategic goals

Initial consultation on goals

Strategic goals

We think our next five year strategy needs to take five years’ worth of steps towards the following strategic goals:

1. Help find a cure – play a major role in encouraging new research and treatment to alleviate the symptoms of migraine and ultimately to find a cure. (Read more about this goal here)

2. Ensure every single person with migraine – no matter who they are or where they come from – gets an accurate, timely diagnosis and access to the best possible information, care and treatment and has the same legal protections as other disabled people. (Read more about this goal here)

3. Build an active and supportive community of people affected by migraine – this community would act as both a source of support and a movement for change. (Read more about this goal here)

We’re keen to hear what you think about these goals. We expect they will remain the focus of our charity’s work for at least the next generation – so we want to get them right!

Initial consultation

To help us here’s what we’d like to do over the next five weeks.

Week one

We’d like to hear your thoughts about the three strategic goals in general. If you love them tell us. If you think the wording on one or more of them could be improved, tell us. If you think we’re missing a major aspect of the migraine agenda, tell us. Just please be gentle with us.

Weeks two to four

Over the following three weeks we’d like to explore your views on each goal in more detail. We’ll explain what we’re doing currently, and what we could – stress could – do over the next five years to support this goal. But most of all we want to hear what you think. We especially want to know what you think our priorities for specific activities should be over the next five years.

Week five

Once we’ve explored all three strategic goals in detail, we’ll attempt to summarise what we think you’re telling us and tell you want we plan to do next. Our hope is that this informal consultation will kick start the development – over the autumn and winter – of a new five year strategic plan to run from 2020-2025.