Fundraising heroes

Find inspiration from some of our fundraisers

To help inspire you and show that the possibilities for fundraising are endless, here are some examples of how people raise money for The Migraine Trust.

Get in touch with our Fundraising Team via our contact form if you’d like to discuss your ideas or to order a fundraising pack.

Rebecca’s run for vestibular migraine

A massive congratulations to Rebecca Chilcott for completing the Cardiff Half Marathon in October 2018 and raising over one thousand pounds for us.

Rebecca has had migraine since the age of 15. Then, at the age of 29, it developed from episodic migraine with aura into vestibular migraine. She wanted to run to raise funds for research into the condition. She also wanted to raise awareness of vestibular migraine.

You can read more about Rebecca and her run here.

“I am so proud to have completed the Cardiff Half Marathon. For many years I was a spectator due to chronic vestibular migraine symptoms. I hope the money I have raised for The Migraine Trust will help other sufferers find relief in the future.” Rebecca on the importance of completing the run

Elkie and Ella Meet-up for Migraine

A huge thank you to Elkie and Ella for organising a fantastic fundraising Meet-up at their school for Migraine Awareness Week in September 2018!

Not only did they raise funds to help people affected by migraine, they raised awareness of it too.

You can read more about their event and see their fantastic cakes here.

Meg’s birthday fundraiser

Meg birthday fundraiser for The Migraine TrustSpecial 70th birthday wishes to Meg who celebrated with a champagne and afternoon tea in August 2017.

While Meg lives in the United States, she was born in the UK and maintains connections here. We are very grateful for Meg’s support and extend our thanks to all her friends and family who so kindly made donations to The Migraine Trust in lieu of gifts. Together they have raised over $1,000.

"Coming from a long family line of migraineurs, and having passed on the affliction to our son in the form of childhood abdominal migraines, I was inspired to ask the guests at my 70th birthday party to contribute to The Migraine Trust, instead of giving me presents which I don't need. I am thrilled that they responded most generously!" Meg on her inspiration to fundraise

Tom and Demi’s wedding

Congratulations to Tom and Demi who were married in June 2017. We would like to thank them for choosing this special occasion to help The Migraine Trust. Our thanks to all their wedding guests for generously donating to charity in lieu of giving wedding gifts.

Demi and Tom wedding June 2017 raising money for The Migraine Trust in lieu of wedding gifts

"We lived together for a number of years before getting married, as many couples do nowadays, so when it came to the big day we didn't need the traditional wedding gifts of pots and pans, cutlery, crockery and the like. We decided to ask guests to donate to two charities at our reception instead. The Migraine Trust is very important to us as Demi is a severe sufferer and we've used some of the downloadable resources from the website before to help Demi keep on track with her records. We were amazed at the generosity of our guests, who raised a total of £1,065 - half of which we are delighted to be giving to The Migraine Trust, to continue their important work." Tom explains their motivation to support our work in this way

Holly’s year of fundraising

Over the course of 2015 our star fundraiser Holly, aged 9, organised and took part several activities to raise money for us. Starting in July she:

  • Held a fundraising day at her school – pupils paid to wear their own clothes and a cake stall was set up.
  • Took part in the Virgin Fiver Challenge as part of the ‘Turquoise Teddies’ team with her friends. They sold lots of homemade goods from fruit kebabs (with fruit donated by Sainsburys) to necklaces to bottles filled with sea glass and shells.
  • Ran the Junior Great North Run
  • Took part in the Gung Ho! inflatable challenge with her dad, Kristian.

All of her hard work and effort paid off and over the course of the year she raised over £1,300 for The Migraine Trust! Well done Holly, we really appreciate it.

Holly at her fundraising stall

Julie’s coast to coast cycling challenge (C2C)

In August 2015 migraine sufferer Julie took on the epic challenge of cycling from Whitehaven to Tynemouth. It took her and her husband four days to complete this gruelling task but they got to dip their front wheels into the North Sea knowing they’d raised £474 for our charity. We’d like to thank Julie for all the time she put into training for this event and for raising such a fantastic amount of money.

Julie on the C2C challenge

"The C2C was a massive challenge for me and I wanted to take the opportunity to raise awareness of the fantastic work the Migraine Trust do. For ordinary people like me who fight a constant battle just to live a normal life due to the debilitating condition, it is extremely helpful to know The Migraine Trust is out there offering support. I was amazed at how generous my family and friends have been in supporting my fundraising efforts and have assured them the money raised will be used to fund much needed research that hopefully one day may result in a cure." Julie on her motivation to take part in the C2C challenge

Open garden season for Valda

Dedicated supporter Valda has opened her beautiful garden several times over many years in order to raise funds for The Migraine Trust. She collects donations from visitors to her garden and offers tea and coffee as well as selling some of her plants.  On top of this, Valda has also given lectures to a local gardening clubs who made a donation to The Migraine Trust in return. All together Valda has raised over £3000 and we’re extremely grateful for her dedication.

Open garden fundraiser
Valda and her beautiful garden

Teresa’s Great South Run

Teresa took part in the Morrisons Great South Run on behalf of her friend Susanna who suffers from chronic migraine. Despite setting herself a target to raise just £250 she managed to reach an amazing £1035 – congratulations Teresa!

"What helped me to commit to this run? That helpless feeling I get after visiting my beautiful friend Susanna who suffers intense chronic migraines with pain which lasts for continuous days. The pain is both excruciating and debilitating. Suffering pain like this on a regular basis must feel both frightening and lonely. More research is needed to help find the cause and prevention of this type of chronic migraine." Teresa on why she took part in the Great South Run

Wedding bells for Samantha and Paul

Samantha and Paul on their wedding dayOn 1st May 2015 happy couple Samantha and Paul, both of whom suffer from migraine, tied the knot and very generously asked they friends and family to make a donation to The Migraine Trust in lieu of wedding presents.

We would like to thank not only Samantha and Paul for this very touching gesture, but also everyone who contributed to the £710 raised.

"Migraine is still very misunderstood and dismissed by those who have never had the misfortune of experiencing it. The Migraine Trust provide a valuable lifeline to sufferers and their families, offering much needed understanding, support, information and advice." Samantha, about why they wanted to make a gift to The Migraine Trust