6th December 2019

Take part in a trial for a new medication for people who are prone to migraine without aura

MAC are seeking research participants to take part in a study at their Manchester clinic from November 2019 to July 2020

What is the study about?

MAC are researching a new medication for people who are prone to migraine attacks, specifically migraines without aura (common migraine) typically suffering from 1 – 8 attacks per month. The main purpose of this study is to test a new migraine treatment which works in a different way compared with existing medicines. We will investigate whether the study drug is effective at treating a migraine type headache induced in our clinic in Manchester. Patients taking part in the study will receive either the study drug or placebo.

Who can take part?

Key inclusion criteria:

  • Female or male aged 18 to 55
  • Diagnosed with migraine without aura and typically suffering from 1-8 attacks per month
  • Must have positive outcomes with Triptans for their migraine attacks
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) within the range of 18-32(inclusive)- minimum weight 50kg
  • Must be willing and able to comply with study restrictions and to remain at the clinic for the required duration and willing to return to the clinic for the follow-up visit
  • Must be in otherwise good health

Key exclusion criteria:

  • Individuals with a clinically significant illness other than migraine
  • Current history of another headache disorder
  • History of smoking or use of nicotine containing products within 3 months of screening. This includes e-cigarettes.

If I take part, what will it involve?

This trial will run at MAC’s central Manchester clinic from November 2019 to July 2020.

No. of Visits: 1 screening visit, a 2-night residential stay, 1 follow up visit over 6 weeks.
Compensation: Up to £805 for participation plus reasonable travel and transport.
Number of recruits: 360 patients with migraine without aura.

For further information:

To register your interest in this study please click here.

Any additional queries, please contact MAC Manchester on 0161 274 1603