10th January 2017

What is it like to work, seek work or claim welfare benefits with migraine?

We need your help to tell the government what matters most

The government has launched a major new consultation called Improving Lives: The Work, Health and Disability Green Paper. The paper sets out the government’s proposals on ways to transform the employment prospects of disabled people and people with long-term health conditions such as migraine and other headache disorders. The scope of the consultation is very big and covers a range of issues including assessments for benefits, finding and retaining work, occupational health services and how to change employer attitudes.

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Share your views and personal experience

The Migraine Trust will be responding to the Green Paper to speak up for people living and working with migraine and other headache disorders in the UK. We want to hear your views on the government’s new proposals and more about your personal experience of working, looking for work and claiming welfare benefits.

We’ve created a survey for you to share your thoughts. It will be open until 11.45pm on 31st January 2017. You are not required to answer every question or section in the survey, but the more responses that we get to the questions will strengthen our call to government to act. We expect the survey will take between 10-20 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for taking the time to help in this way.

Further information

You can learn more about the government’s consultation here and read about the proposals in the ‘Improving lives: work, health and disability green paper’ here.

You can also respond to the government’s consultation directly yourself using their online form.  The deadline for this is 17th February 2017.

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