Working with the Civil Service to help its employees who work with migraine

Raising awareness of migraine across the Civil Service workforce

With a workforce of tens of thousands, and one in seven people worldwide experiencing migraine, there are likely to be high numbers of people working in the Civil Service with the condition.

That’s why The Migraine Trust teamed up with the Civil Service to provide more support for the thousands of civil servants working with migraine across the UK. The partnership, which launched as part of Migraine Awareness Week 2019, aims to raise awareness and increase understanding among the Civil Service workforce of what migraine is and how it can be managed at work.

Working across Civil Service

The campaign involves working with HR teams, mental health advocates and disability champions from across departments on developing their understanding of migraine and how it can impact on a person at work. It highlights the positive role that they can have in helping reducing the impact of migraine on employee’s working lives.

It was launched with migraine awareness posters being displayed throughout the Civil Service.

A key target of the campaign is people with migraine, to let them know that the Civil Service wants to help them manage their condition in their working life, and to encourage them to seek that help.

It is also targeted at everyone working in the Civil Service to raise awareness that migraine is a complex neurological condition that is highly prevalent and that they are likely to be working alongside colleagues who have the condition.

You could help us continue this vital work

With your support, we can help even more people affected by migraine.