Your view on new headache and migraine information sheets

Help BASH develop their information sheets

Information sheets are important in helping inform people with headache and migraine on their condition and treatment options. They can be used to complement the information given during a medical consultation, helping to ensure key information isn’t forgotten after the consultation and that information is understandable by using clear simple language and avoiding medical jargon.

It is therefore essential that the information is easily comprehensible and meets the needs of people living with headache and migraine.

The Migraine Trust is working with the British Association for the Study of Headache (BASH) to develop information sheets. We would be grateful if you could spend 3 minutes of your time to provide feedback on three draft information sheets. Your views are crucial in helping tailor information sheets to the needs of people living with headache and migraine.

Your responses be confidential and anonymous. Please be aware the information provided within the information sheets is still under review.

Review and give feedback

Please review the three information sheets below and then complete this survey.